Saturday, October 8, 2011

*&%^ you, Margie Phelps!

or Lookin' for Another Goddamn Way.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, people - what the frak is going on here? The Phelps, those pricks...that may be evil. These shits protest against the funerals of soldiers. Oh, I know - the Phelps may say that they're protesting the "sin" that lead to these young people's deaths and not the dead themselves. But they're not. They're protesting the funeral. They are protesting against the dead themselves. They're saying, "You are not the honored dead. To acknowledge your death is to give you credence that you have no right to. To acknowledge the sacrifice that you, and your family and friends - and dammit, the world - have made because you're gone, is wrong." Fuck you, Westboro Baptist Church.

I am so angry.

Maybe a bunch of folks - like, a LOT - who say that they're Christian are really Yahwist. God's the hairy thunderer, the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world. Hell, they just feel like dead people who speak against them and what they purport are just the people God killed for being naughty.

If you think a war is unjust, you don't go to the funerals of the dead soldiers. You fuckin' sue for Peace! And if that doesn't work, you Occupy Wall Street! As a 'for instance.'

No, not all my posts are going to be this explosive. Or maybe they will. It seems I need this kind of indignance to get my digits in gear.

Anyway, be good to each other, okay?

Friday, September 9, 2011

All y'all bitchez is crazy.

I recently decided that I may very well believe in evil. Not that a person could be, de facto, evil, regardless of deeds, but that evil acts can be committed, and humans are sometimes the folks who do such acts.

I really, really don't like it. But I think it might be true.

I've never believed in evil before now. Hell, when I was in my early 20's, I had an ethic of believing pretty much whatever anyone said (about themselves, at any rate). I didn't want to suspect anyone of lying, without proof.

Trouble was, of course, proof was everywhere. I knew a crapload about what awful things people were doing to each other. But I felt like I couldn't believe...I had to give each person a completely clean slate. Which might be a good ideal, but the truth is, for me, sometimes I need to take care of myself, and not give the store away. And that's what "clean slate for you" translated to - for me.

Recently, I saw the tv show "Damages" very close in time to the film "Capitalism: A Love Story." The first is about senators, billionaires, and lawyers, and the fiefdoms they lord over, and the money they spend doing awful things to awful people (each other) while the rank and file gets runt over. The second is about how Goldman Sachs owns America.

The sheer magnitude of things these people are doing - and getting away with - was overwhelming. "So - this is evil?" I think so, maybe, yes. This kind of awfulness, on this scale.

Abused as children? Probably. Makes it okay to do such huge, (and hugely) awful things? Uh, no. NO.

p.s. - the tea party doesn't want to save the economy - they want to save our souls. By their definition of "save," by any means they deem necessary, and regardless of what those (our) souls want.

And you know what? I'm one-a-da crazy bitchez too. I sure as hell don't always live up to my own codes.

Not getting down on myself, I believe. Just seeing things in a different light.

Not sure how this blog is going to go from here - I think I might use it just to dump, a bit. Not get nasty at everything, but brain-dump - you know? If I try to craft these things too heavy, I'll never write 'em.

Anyway, mas tarde, and thanks for comin' by. ;)