Monday, September 29, 2008

filmic possibilities...

just a quick note. as some of you know, i'm angling to make money as a video shooter/editor/producer. well, this saturday and the previous sunday, i had a total of 3 people interested in my work and in possibly paying me for it. now, i know that interest is a long way from a contract (and even farther from actually getting paid), but these three folks are a bajillion percent more than i've had interested in such a way before. it's very exciting!

plus, i'm doing some vid of my clarinet teacher tonight, and i have an event to shoot on the 11th. yay! no money yet, but that's okay. i'm havin' fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeah, I think it's art. Three balls. Three balls! Not there in the morning, I come home, and there's three balls on the corner. Mosaic balls with oranges and yellows and mirrory bits, and they're huge. Huge balls on the corner. 

One ball. What do you think God thinks of this?

They're called "Sun Spheres." I love public art. And pagan symbols right under the nose (cross) of Christian ones!

And I also got an invite to a Unitarian pagan "interest group." Is it for folks who are interested in pagans? Or interesting pagans? Or pagans interested in other things? Shoes? Procedural dramas? The public re-enactment of painful moments in kabuki white-face while dancing on stylized wooden sculptures of cats? 

Will we ever know? Or understand?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

yahoo news and bias

the warp and weft and the way
it was left...
or right.

i noticed something the other day. i have a yahoo account, and so i often come to the yahoo home page. i also (somewhat) often read yahoo news.

well, this time i decided to go looking for news about Obama. there's been precious little lately; it all seems to be about pitbull-pig-lipstick woman. ooooh, she's so proud of herself. hell, i would be too, i guess.

anyway, i looked, and the first article i found was about the fundraiser he held last night, where babs sang for a bunch of celebrities. made $9M! the article I read was yesterday, before the event. it spoke about babs singing at the event. however, it was phrased in the following manner: "was to have sang," "was to have appeared." although nowhere in the article did it say that she was not going to perform, or that the event had been called off, the verb tense clearly indicated that she "was to have sang," but now was not. oh, no! something's wrong with Obabma!

then, i noticed another article that was referring to former president Clinton. i don't remember exactly what was being discussed, but the line i remember was this: "blah, blah, blah, during Clinton's impeachment." Not "during the failed impeachment," not even "during the impeachment proceedings held against Clinton," but "during Clinton's impeachment." there are young people out there who were ten when all that was going on, and who are now of voting age. what do they know? according to yahoo news, they know that Clinton was impeached.

who wants to vote for the party that spawned a recently impeached president?

gah. just, gah. and interesting and telling.

Monday, September 15, 2008

understanding my limitations

So, I was thinking of working the Dickens Christmas Fair this year. It's a seriously fun party that I've been to many times, and I've thought of working it many times. But I just have too much else going on at the moment. 

That, as they say, is that.

Gonna play clarinet soon. Yay. It cheers me up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

bitchin' evenin' in the valencia

last night, had a faboo evening with a work friend who's now just a friend. it was the kind of evening that really shows me that life can work. it can. not always, perhaps. but a fair sight more than i think most of us are used to. 

lovely happenstances, and cool people. i love nights like that!