Wednesday, September 17, 2008

yahoo news and bias

the warp and weft and the way
it was left...
or right.

i noticed something the other day. i have a yahoo account, and so i often come to the yahoo home page. i also (somewhat) often read yahoo news.

well, this time i decided to go looking for news about Obama. there's been precious little lately; it all seems to be about pitbull-pig-lipstick woman. ooooh, she's so proud of herself. hell, i would be too, i guess.

anyway, i looked, and the first article i found was about the fundraiser he held last night, where babs sang for a bunch of celebrities. made $9M! the article I read was yesterday, before the event. it spoke about babs singing at the event. however, it was phrased in the following manner: "was to have sang," "was to have appeared." although nowhere in the article did it say that she was not going to perform, or that the event had been called off, the verb tense clearly indicated that she "was to have sang," but now was not. oh, no! something's wrong with Obabma!

then, i noticed another article that was referring to former president Clinton. i don't remember exactly what was being discussed, but the line i remember was this: "blah, blah, blah, during Clinton's impeachment." Not "during the failed impeachment," not even "during the impeachment proceedings held against Clinton," but "during Clinton's impeachment." there are young people out there who were ten when all that was going on, and who are now of voting age. what do they know? according to yahoo news, they know that Clinton was impeached.

who wants to vote for the party that spawned a recently impeached president?

gah. just, gah. and interesting and telling.

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Clifford said...

Gah is right. Somewhere along the line it became okay to slant the news. To use it as a blugeon rather than a tool. Impartial news reporting? What's that?

There was a writer from Wired magazine at Writer's with Drinks on Saturday, and he's written a book called something like "fact-free news", or something like that. Anyway it's about how we now have so many places to get our news that many of us seek out news sources that support our worldview and don't get the other side. He was fascinating, though he didn't read from his book. Instead, he read an essay on how Obama needs to lie the order to win the election. Sobering.