Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeah, I think it's art. Three balls. Three balls! Not there in the morning, I come home, and there's three balls on the corner. Mosaic balls with oranges and yellows and mirrory bits, and they're huge. Huge balls on the corner. 

One ball. What do you think God thinks of this?

They're called "Sun Spheres." I love public art. And pagan symbols right under the nose (cross) of Christian ones!

And I also got an invite to a Unitarian pagan "interest group." Is it for folks who are interested in pagans? Or interesting pagans? Or pagans interested in other things? Shoes? Procedural dramas? The public re-enactment of painful moments in kabuki white-face while dancing on stylized wooden sculptures of cats? 

Will we ever know? Or understand?

1 comment:

Clifford said...

Cool ball! Pretty ball! Sparkly ball! I like!

As for will we ever know. Nope.