Friday, January 2, 2009

football as the opiate of the masses

i saw an ad for monday night football the other night. basically, it was attempting to entice folks (primarily men, i suppose) back to work on monday. i paraphrase: "there are so many things to hate about least you have this to look forward to."

meaning, "don't kill yourself before you go to work on monday. please, please, please, keep the economy limping along. don't abandon your post, even though the financial sector abandoned you long ago! don't let it come crashing down!"

kinda funny. kinda atrocious. i suppose it was always that, but they have to be so blatant about it now, since the country's so desperate. my best friend was with her dad for xmas, and he, who lived through the depression in the 30's, said, "oh, yes. this is a depression, and don't you forget it."


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