Sunday, October 26, 2008

a cool one

i'm sitting here at home, feeling the cool. It's been 80 around here, and dangit, that's just not what I moved here for. today, the fog has finally moved back into my neighborhood, and it is blessed relief.

i'm working on the business plan for my new vid biz ( it's actually kind of fun. i'm using the one page business plan, by jim horan. it's laid out in a workbook format. it's really quite simple, and i'm burnin' right through it.

listening to joe satriani's newer piece, "professor satchafunkilus." it's pretty good. it's no steve vai or john petrucci, but it sure beats a poke in the head with a petrified salami. and that's literal; no metaphor there. just to be clear.

i should be finding out this coming week if my company is going to have another massive spate of layoffs. better to know than not know.

praise fog!

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Clifford said...

Yeah man, the cool is back!