Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, I'm starting this video bizyness ( I've done vid on and off since high school, and I'm no stranger to it. That being said, there's a heck of a lot I don't know about it; a heck of a lot to learn. Well, on Saturday, I'm filming my first outdoor, low-light event. I've messed with all the controls on my camera. I'll do a bunch of goodness in post. But nothing beats lighting the thing properly from the beginning.

Sure. Okay. Great. Errrr...that means I need lights. Like, now. So, I went shopping. I hit OSH, Home Depot, and Peir 1, for tripod mounted halogens, clip lights and a chinese lantern (in that order). Pier 1 was a bust, but the other two were good.

But before that, I decided to check craigslist for lighting. Better to get it used than new, if I can. Especially right now, fer cripes sake. I saw one promising lead for an 18" fixture, "old-style."

Cute, huh? It looked just like the sort of thing I was looking for, and the ad said it had an attachment for tripods. Excellent! Oh, and it was $5! Double excellent. So, it said to call "X."

(Quick aside: there's this awesome bookstore in the Mission on Valencia near 19th called Borderlands Books. They're a specialty store for fantasy, sci-fi and horror. They have sweet, helpful, knowledgeable people and a wonderful selection. I was also in a writer's group, not affiliated with the store, that met in the back. I left the group about 6 months ago.)

Well, I only know one person named "X," and she's the manager of the above mentioned store. But I didn't twig to the number, and I called it. "Borderlands Books," came the voice on the other end of the phone. Oh! Holy crap! How cool! It turns out the lighting unit was owned (not any more - I own it now!) by the owner of the store. They said they'd hold it for me, and I could come by later that night, no problem. So I did. I looked at the unit, and besides being retro-cool (it must be 40 years old), it works like a dream. No surprise; this guy keeps his stuff in top condition. I'm very excited to try it out.

So, I'm chatting at the front with one of the long-time employees, who I haven't seen in a while because, well, my leaving the writing group was kinda awkward. And I think I just didn't want to be around the store because of the associations. So we're chatting, and I hear some folks talking in the back. I look over - and it's the writer's group!

Wow. Well, I'm stoked for them that it's still going; that's cool. And...I had to use the john. And the group was between me and there. And I decided that it was totally silly for me not to go. So I did. I spoke to them briefly on the way there and back, and realized something wonderful. I am really glad not to be in the group any more. They're good people, but it didn't work for me in a major way, and it had been time to leave, and leave I did. Yay! And now, I feel ready to hang out at my favorite bookstore in the whole world again. And that is a really good thing.

So, in my quest for light last night, I was enlightened, and I lightened my own load. Which is great, considering there's enough heaviness right now, and I'm finishing this entry up at 4:20 in the morning because I couldn't sleep, what with all that's going on.

But you know what? Good is happening too. My video biz is starting up with a whoosh, my short stories are getting better, and my general creativity is higher. I'm beginning to exhibit more "insufferable positivity." (for a good read on this topic, please visit and read the Sept. 30th entry. Check it out - she's my best friend!) Not that I'm blind - just positive.

Light is good. So is darkness. They make shadow. A place for resting, and for greys. And a place to do whatcha want to, away from prying eyes.

Here's to shadow.
Update: This morning, I told one of my co-workers about it, and he pointed out that, if I so chose, I could see these "coinkeydinks" as the universe directly supporting my creating my video biz.
I so choose. ;)

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