Monday, October 6, 2008

The Waters of the John

Saw the filthy god at the Castro tonight. He left us with this definition of success: "I can buy any book I want and not look at the price, and I never have to be around assholes." He told us what "blossoms" are, and then told us "I wish I didn't know that." He told us to get all dragged up and go to major politicians' houses and shout fashion insults at their wives. He told us a story about someone he'd met in a bar in Baltimore who, when asked by Waters what he did for a living, said, "Can I be truthful?" "Sure." "I sell deer meat for crack."

He told us to use humor as a weapon of choice against the insanity of the world around us.

We got told. And I liked it. 


Ang said...

God I love that man! It was about 20 years ago that I had the priveledge of being told what to do by that man. Far too long! Good for you for being in his presence.

Yay you have a blog! And your picture is just DARLING!

Keep up the good work.

syzygy13 said...

Yeah, he was da poo. He talked about poo, too. Told us the story of being on a random pig farm while Divine ate pig poo, the pigs got it on, and the farmer's wife hid in the house for the 9 hours they were there. hee!

Thanks for the props, m'dear! The picture was from a going away party for Frank Turco - otherwise known as Sir Kensington Longbottom! You remember him. We were all to come as our favorite Frank. Jo came as Sir Kensington, and I came as Alabaster. Remember him? He was one of the cro-magnon Ken dolls. Okay, his hair was purple, but pink is so much more fetching, don't you think? ;)

love you, sweetie!