Thursday, October 23, 2008

uber-political jellyfish sacrifice selves for cleaner energy protest!

Yesterday, the Diablo Canyon Nuclear (pronounced, "Nuke-U-Ler") Power Plant was brought down to 25% capacity output by a massive influx of - you guessed it - moon jellyfish.

What were they trying to accomplish? Destruction on a massive scale? Did they know, as they undulated their bodies against the mesh of the underwater grates that they were merely banging their metaphorical heads against the wall? They were each, evidently, about the size of a human head, so perhaps they did. 

Although I'm not certain how I feel about the role of nuclear power in our energy future (or present), I am saddened by the need these innocent invertebrates seem to have felt to take this drastic action to put forth their, certainly well thought out, political agenda.

Poor, poor jellyfish. Evidently they had to be scraped off the grill. Bugs on the highway of life. 

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