Friday, October 24, 2008

i live in the sticks

So, I went out earlier to try and suck off some free wifi, bandwidth vampire that I am, and get away from the pounding of jackhammers and basketballs and obsessive "Rock Band" players. I trekked through the neighborhood - it was 7:30. I went to 4 cafes, but the only on - on a Friday - that was still open at 8pm (and only open until 9pm) was the one that charged for wifi! Plus, although they make a mean chicken-pesto sandwich, I just wasn't in the mood for what they had.

However, I did have a lovely walk in the neighborhood. The night was gorgeous, and so were some of the women on the street! Ocean Ave. out in the Ingleside is really startin' to hop. I like it. There were heels and hot outfits, and people wanting to look their best. It means the neighborhood means something to them. That's cool. 

There's King's cafe, down on the corner in the same building as the non-profit publisher and the mediation center; the building used to be a Masonic Temple years ago. They've got the free wifi and the chillin' seats, but they close at 7:30! So, I walked 7 blocks back, and went to Java Jitters, pretty much right across from the fire station. They close at eight, but were stoked to hear me ask about their every-other weekly open mic, "Verbose Overdose." The next one is two weeks from now; they're skipping Halloween - who's going to come? 

But I also like living in the sticks. It's - well, not much quieter out here, but a little. And even though I can't find free wifi and caffeine at the same time, at least I can walk around, meet my neighbors, and come home to that stuff. 

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Clifford said...

Hey man, you've begun blogging regularly! Cool! And great picture. But "suck off some free wifi" -- that's just rude!

Damn, wish I'd come up with that line (:

syzygy13 said...

Ahhh, you have done me a fine compliment, my friend. Thank you. ;)

Yeah, it's a bit bleak in this neighborhood for late night - or heck, even early night - cafes. If it weren't for the construction next door, I wouldn't mind so much. Ahh, well. It's quiet today, and I'm grateful for that.

Clifford said...

I'm in Philz right now. I so love Philz. I wish it were in my neighborhood. Damn him to Southern Ca for his thoughless choice of locations!

syzygy13 said...

To Southern CA?!? Say it ain't so! That's some severe punishment you got goin' there. Maybe he could open a branch in your hood before his banishment begins.